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About YSoft SafeQ

YSoft SafeQ is Redefining Print Management.
The YSoft SafeQ solution is a modular suite of intelligent and cutting-edge enterprise print, copy and scan management technology.
The YSoft SafeQ print management solution demonstrably reduces costs, streamlines workflows and increases document security. Globally, over 8,000 leading Fortune 1,000 and SMB organizations use YSoft SafeQ in more than 100 countries.
YSoft SafeQ main benefits are cost savings | document security | workflow productivity.

More information about entire YSoft SafeQ Suite can be found at www.ysoft.com/safeq

Product Description

Information about specific YSoft SafeQ software modules:
• Authentication  www.ysoft.com/safeq/authentication
Eliminates unauthorized printing, scanning or copying and secures the print environment with user profile authentication.
• Print roaming  https://www.ysoft.com/safeq/print-roaming
Documents follow the user to the printer eliminating the most common cause of print waste while increasing document security.
• Rule-Based Printing www.ysoft.com/safeq/rule-based-printing
Increases the power of your print fleet while improving cost-efficiencies by using easily created printing policies.
• Mobile Print  www.ysoft.com/safeq/mobile-print
Securely print from mobile devices increasing productivity. Complements BYOD policies and supports secure guest printing.
• Scan Management www.ysoft.com/safeq/scan-management
Easy to use scanning function for users with a security audit trail.
• Credit and Billing www.ysoft.com/safeq/credit-and-billing
Allocate and track costs by billing codes; manage pay for print accounts automatically.
• Reporting   www.ysoft.com/safeq/reporting
Comprehensive visibility across your print environment. Use standard reports or create customized reports on demand.